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Carillion Communications' technical service team is experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about the latest developments in audio visual technology. We like to keep our customers and friends up to date with emerging technologies and new products, as well as tried and tested AV favourites. The AV products that interest us are products that make peoples' lives easier, which help them get things done faster, more effectively or more enjoyably. Other considerations include smart tech, aesthetic tech, price and value for money. You'll also find - since we are engineers - that we take a keen interest in how easy it is to install and maintain AV equipment. We invite you to sign up for our quarterly AV Tech Talk. You'll have the chance to read about some game-changing AV products and engage with some of the AV world's leading experts.

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Carillion Communications service the whole of the UK from their offices in Maidenhead, Berkshire, and Manchester. For more than twenty five years the company has worked globally to help progressive organisations - enterprises and government departments - to find the right video conferencing, audio visual and meeting room solutions to maintain excellent communications. Today, internal communications are as popular as external and remote technologies, with IP TV and digital signage helping companies to communicate clearly with staff and visitors. In Tech Talk No1 John Tipling identified the proliferation of desktop AV devices as the biggest change in the AV landscape during his time in the industry. Today, effective AV tech is not confined to the boardroom and high-spec meeting rooms. Real-time collaboration with clear video and audio is a reality at prices that represent only a moderate investment.

All of us at Carillion Communications have 'ease of use' under constant review. The great news is that many of today's AV products and solutions are literally click-and-go. The historical tedium of meeting set-up delays, calling the IT department, waiting to switch between presenters, scratchy audio or grainy video are genuinely a thing of the past. From multi-point meetings to distributed messaging, people can work the way they want to work, without wasting any time on AV equipment management.

We receive regular feedback on Carillion performance through a number of formal channels. One of the constant themes, which always pleases us, is that we are a knowledgeable and friendly bunch. We hope that you will sign up for our quarterly AV Tech Talk and get to know us better. Each of us has our own area of interest and all of us are happy to answer any questions you may have about AV today.

If you are interested to know more about the Carillion Communications team, read Meet the Team.

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