• Movember raises £700 for Foodshare

    Movember raises £700 for Foodshare

    Richard, Rupert, Sean, David and Hawar did us proud in Movember. Raising £700 for Foodshare. Read more

  • Carillion keeps Foodshare cooking

    Carillion keeps Foodshare cooking

    The fund raising Carillon have been kindly doing for the Foodshare charity, especially Chris Griffith's heroic peddle-pushing, made the new cooker possible. Foodshare
  • Rugby world cup sweepstake

    Rugby world cup sweepstake

    Congratulations to Richard who won the Rugby World Cup Charity sweepstake and also came second!!! With Chris 3rd the rest of Pot £50 goes to Foodshare

  • Guess the weight of the pumpkin

    Guess the weight of the pumpkin

    Huge congratulations to our guess the weight of the Pumpkin winner, with Rebecca picking a perfect 20.3kg, well done to all who participated and all the funds raised going to Foodshare £100 so far... fantastic support from all. More about More about Foodhshare
  • Chris cycles London-Brighton Off Road

    Chris cycles London-Brighton Off Road

    A massive congratulations to Carillion Communication’s Chris who smashed his 7.5hr target on the London-Brighton Off Road bicycle event this weekend. He also smashed his target of £750 and raised £1,131.25 for Foodshare, based in Maidenhead, Berkshire. More about More about Foodhshare

  • Tom & Tom run for charity

    Tom & Tom run for charity

    Not often two people of such different frames join forces and take on a challenge for charity. But Tom & Tom took on the Royal Parks half marathon this year in order to support our nominated charities. On what was one of the wettest Sundays all year, the two of them managed to arrive soaked to the skin just getting to the course. Having deposited their now wet outer clothes in the support tent, they registered and took to the start. One took off like a rocket, the other took a more steady pace. Needless to say when one saw the other pass him in the loop section, knowing he was at least 2 miles in front, heads could have dropped, but no, they both finished smiling, with very different times, but one great result. Well done to both, good news is they are now a few weeks later walking normally again, looking for their next challenge together.
  • Halloween Fun For Charity

    Halloween Fun For Charity

    Halloween fun had by the Maidenhead office for the week with a mix of cake bakes, fancy dress competition and a guess the weight of the pumpkin showdown. Huge effort in the food department as ever with treats from a number of the team and their partners and a special cake made by Tracey which was raffled and won by Dani. Some top outfits on the day from the team, this year the horrific make up application was seriously stepped up a notch, well done to all involved a great result.

  • 2018 5k Zombie Run

    The Team waited at the starting line trying not to freeze to death from the frosty morning. it took Caitlyn and Richard a few minutes to realize they weren’t prepared for this much running but like true soldiers they pushed through. Thomas, Rupert and Brenda stuck together all the way though. Hawar and Jennie were often mistaken for zombies as they came all dressed to the max. Sean could be seen in the distance sprinting the whole way, leaving his team for the dead. They all met at the end, walked cold and proud back to their cars for a well-deserved rest.
  • Ceroc your heart out

    Ceroc your heart out

    When someone says why don't we all go dancing on Wednesday, you normally look back at them and say are you crazy, its not what we do. Yes, the occasional dance at a wedding, or whilst at the Christmas party, but mid week, in Windsor, with a whole bunch of people from work... never. However in a pincer movement by Ceroc regulars, Brenda and Steph, ten of us stood in lines facing each other on a Wednesday evening ready to... dance!!! Ceroc is a very modern social dance having elements of rock and roll, jive, and salsa. We stated with a series of classes to music, during which you switch partners every two minutes. Needless to say after 3 hours of dancing freestyle and group sessions, we all 'sort of' knew what we had to do and it was an amazing night of dancing and laughter. We all paid £10 to attend with funds going to the charity team. Windsor had better brace itself as we will be back before Christmas, this time with more Carillion volunteers.

  • Carillion BBQ

    Congratulations to all involved in the Charity BBQ yesterday a massive result from a very busy BBQ. A grand total of £380 was raised for our two nominated charities NRAS and Parkinson’s UK. Thanks to all the those who did the chugging and sold tickets all over the estate and those who took money and did the serving on the day and special shout to Rupert for bringing the BBQ’s in. Thanks again to all involved, great team effort for two great causes
  • Carillion Charity Car Wash

    Carillion Charity Car Wash

    What a day! Friday, 30-degree heat, burnt shoulders, over 40 cars, 6 buckets, 9 sponges it could only be the first Carillion charity car wash. Boy did all those involved show outstanding dedication to the task. Overall, we raised £350 a fantastic total, so a massive well done to all, great spirit and great teamwork shown all day by all involved

  • 2018 World Cup Sweepstake

    2018 World Cup Sweepstake

    England didn't come home but they surely came close and made us proud. Big thanks to our very own Resource Planner for organising the sweepstake. we raised a hearty £32 towards this yours charity pot!
  • Curry Meet & Eat

    Curry Meet & Eat

    As always, we love to spice things with our charity events, and whats better than a good curry? Although our Collaboration Specialist bit off more than he could chew, we all saw he face turn as red as a tomato after discovering he had ordered the hottest item on the menu!

  • Grand National Sweepstake

    Grand National Sweepstake

    Thanks to the to amazing organisation skills of our resource planner we raised £40 from this years Grand National Sweepstake!
  • Cake Bake 2018

    Cake Bake 2018

    We raised £354.57 in total, thankyou to everyone's donations! our local shop COOK even donated a cake to sell which was beyond delicious.

  • Happy Easter 2018

    Happy Easter 2018

    We were able to raise an astounding £148.61 with our office Easter egg hunt and Chocolate egg raffle draw. a total of 70 chocolate eggs were hidden around our office and all but 1 was found! shows how we feel about chocolate!! we also had the pleasure of being able to visit NRAS and share the Easter spirit !
  • Lent 2018

    Lent 2018

    12 of our staff took on lent and gave up their guilty pleasures, such as chocolate, fast food and even smoking! only 5 remained but the effort they put in was tremendous! from this we were able to raise £53! and one of our members Tom won a well deserved bottle of Jack Daniel's.

  • Japanese Meet & Eat

    Japanese Meet & Eat

  • Dress Red Day 2018

    Dress Red Day 2018

    Big thanks to our Carillion staff who really showed off there vibrant red wardrobes, especially Brenda who couldn't have put on anymore red clothing if she tried.

  • Guess how many sweets are in this jar

    Guess how many sweets are in this jar

    Well done to our Project Manger and winner of how many sweets! He hit the nail bang on the head with his immaculate guess of 325 sweets! Thank you to everyone how took part and donated to make a total of £31
  • Year of The Dog - Meet and Eat 2018

    Year of The Dog - Meet and Eat 2018

    Our Carillion staff were able to raise £68.50 for our Chinese Meet and Eat, all the while stuffing our faces with delicious lunch

  • Pancake Day 2018

    Pancake Day 2018

    Great Start to our first fundraiser of the year! Well done to our Maidenahead and Manchester branch pulling together and raising £136.12!
  • Christmas Jumper Day 2017

    Most colorful office in Maidenhead, we raised £54 for the day and ended with a really good year.Thanks to all involved and Merry Christmas.

  • Chalfonts Charity Chillies

    Chalfonts Charity Chillies

  • Guess the Weight of the Christmas Cake

    Guess the Weight of the Christmas Cake

  • Christmas Meet and Eat 2017

    Christmas Meet and Eat 2017

  • Christmas Charity Raffle 2017

    Christmas Charity Raffle 2017

    Draw on the 1st of December Thank You for everyone's donations towards this event, we have raised a total of £2,900 I now present you with the winners: Merlin Pass - Jola Wilson c/o Beata. £200 food vouchers - Matt Corbett. Box of chocolates – Greening c/o Dave Ashley. Booze hamper - Ben Forrester. Brewdog beer - Scott Allan. Stoke Park Vouchers – Stephanie Gilkes. Mystery Prize – Phillips TV 43HFL5011T - Dan Pond. Lock Fyne vouchers – Richard Bowers. Skull vodka – Chris Griffiths. Tagine – Chris Griffiths. Faith Hamper – John Tipling See you next year!!

  • Halloween Dress up competition

    Congratulations to our super hero Batman who won our Halloween Costume competition. thanks to our internal support we raised £52!
  • Zombie Run

    Thanks for everyones support. was such a great run, i definatly recommend! thanks to everyone's help we were able to raise £260 for this event

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  • NRAS Curry Event for World Arthritis Day

    Carillion raising the heat as well as donations when supporting NRAS yesterday by tasting some fiery food
  • 75 mile London to Brighton off road Bike Ride - 24th September 2017

    75 mile London to Brighton off road Bike Ride - 24th September 2017

    Big pat on the back for our there carillon solders who took part in the London to Brighton off road cycle Carillon team spirit - start together, finish together. All in the name of a good cause

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  • South East Off Road Bike Ride - Sunday 13th August 2017

    South East Off Road Bike Ride - Sunday 13th August 2017

    Massive Congratulations to Chris G and Adrian A, who completed the South East Off Road Bike Ride – 35.8 miles with 1060 metres of climbing this weekend for two of our chosen community charities Marie Curie UK & @National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society. The team had glorious weather starting in Seaford and cycling through the beautiful Sussex countryside along the very hilly South Downs Way to Brighton, then about 10 miles of seafront riding back to Seaford. Any paper, pounds or pence you can spare for our good causes would be greatly appreciated and can be donated via the links below: https://lnkd.in/dC5gRrY https://lnkd.in/dwMPSxH Make a Donation
  • Charity  Fantasy Football

    Charity Fantasy Football

    Friday 11th August

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  • Windsor Half Marathon towards NRAS

    Windsor Half Marathon towards NRAS

    Huge Congratulations to Adrian A who, along with friends and family ,completed the Windsor Half Marathon and raised an astounding £1,450 towards NRAS. Make a Donation
  • Baby Sweepstake

    A big congratulations to our engineer Dan who had his first little girl on the 11th of August at 6.13oz, in light of this our staff put money in for charity to gues the babys gender, due date and weight. From this we raise £31.26, thankyou to everyone who contributed.

  • Carillion Charity Car Boot

    Carillion Charity Car Boot

    22nd July 2017
  • Mozzarellanation Pizza Event

    Mozzarellanation Pizza Event

  • Carillion Cake Bake 2017

    With the efforts of the charity team and the support of our great staff, we raised an fantastic £479 for our chosen causes bringing up our total raised to £1,138.10! for NRAS and Marie Curie. Notable thanks to the bakers, but also to our roving team who hit the estate getting sales in the other businesses and the warehouse for compelling every courier who came to the shutter to buy something for 2 days.
  • Red Nose Day

    Red Nose Day

    24th March 2017

  • Fundraising Raffle

    Carillion held their final fundraising activity of 2016 in the form of a raffle draw at their Maidenhead offices on Tuesday 20th December. The prizes were donated from a number of industry organisations and included a 49'' Samsung TV, Samsung sound bar, Sonos speaker, Amazon echo and Love 2 Shop gift vouchers, Kindel, Tablet PC, champagne, cases of wine and a Christmas hamper. The raffle raised over £1545 for Carillion's house charities, Mcmillan and NRAS.
  • Christmas Jumper

    To add to our long list of fundraising events, the team at Carillion got into the festive spirit today hosting a Christmas Jumper day for the staff. There were some very colourful and inventive costumes and jumpers entered into the competition with all proceeds going to our house charities National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) and Macmillan Cancer Support. We raised £95.00 for the day. Thanks to all involved and Merry Christmas.

  • Guess The Weight Of The Pumpkin

    As Halloween was approaching the staff at Carillion took part in a guess the weight of the pumpkin competition for our two house charities. Guesses varied from 2grams up to 27.3kg! It was finally revealed that the pumpkin weighed 25.3kg and the winner of the pumpkin was Ross Warwick our warehouse manager with 25kg. After without much use for a giant pumpkin he donated it to Sean to carve with his family with some spooktacular results!
  • London To Milton Keynes 60 Mile Cycle

    Adrian and Chris set off last Saturday (Oct 1st) on their 60-mile ride to Milton Keynes. After last years London to Brighton we expected great things from the guys and they did not disappoint completing the ride in 6 ½ hours with only two punctures and two crashes (the only injury's being to pride!) Thanks again to everyone who sponsorship and well done to the team!

  • Gung Ho

    Gung Ho

    Staff from across Carillion set out to run the Gung-Ho 5K at Winsor race course on Saturday 10th September, raising funds for NRAS and McMillan. Running the 5k course, the team navigated various obstacles along the way including giant inflatable slides, climbing walls and mazes. The Challenge was on with some more competitive than they first let on! Make a Donation
  • American BBQ

    We raised £533.23 for NRAS and Cancer Research. Thank you to everyone who made donations and attended the event, we appreciate your support.

  • Meet And Eat For Charity

    Meet And Eat For Charity

    Carillion staff raised £170 on the 10th of August as part of our regular 'Meet & Eat' event in aid of our two in house charities. At what is always a well-attended chance to get together socially in the day, a Chinese from a local hot spot was on offer this month, with a host of tasty dishes and let's say no one had space for dinner in the evening.
  • Meet, Eat And Massage

    Meet, Eat And Massage

  • Cake Bake Sale

    It’s a New Year and a new team running the Carillion Communications Fund Raising Committee and Rebecca Sullivan (Accounts Trainee) has the challenge of driving this year’s event schedule. It’s going to be a big ask to exceed the 2015 total of £4,943.98 but the team are going to give it their best shot! With Easter coming early it was the perfect opportunity...... Read More
  • Hawaiian BBQ Event

    Hawaiian BBQ Event

    Following the success of the Cake Bake Sale, and in the spirit of summer (or what we had!), Carillion held a charitable Hawaiian BBQ event at our premises in Berkshire. Burgers and bangers were order of the day as we grilled our way to raising £500 for house charity, NRAS. TOTAL RAISED: £500

  • Fundraising Raffle

    Fundraising Raffle

    Carillion held their final fundraising activity of 2015 in the form of a raffle draw at their Maidenhead offices on Wednesday 16th December. The prizes were donated from a number of industry organisations and included a 32'' Samsung TV, Samsung sound bar, Apple TV, Nespresso coffee maker, Amazon and Love 2 Shop gift vouchers, cordless phones, DAB radios, champagne, cases of wine and a Christmas hamper. The raffle raised over £900 for Carillion's house charities, Cancer Research UK and NRAS. Read More
  • Boundary Walk

    Boundary Walk

    Carillion staff pulled on their walking boots on Sunday 4th October for the Maidenhead Boundary Walk challenge. A seven mile (or 13 for the more adventurous) walk around the outskirts of Maidenhead raised £240 for Carillion's two house charities, NRAS and Cancer Research UK. TOTAL RAISED £260

  • London to Brighton off road

    London to Brighton off road

    Two of Carillion’s sales team donned the lycra and challenged themselves to complete the London to Brighton off road cycle challenge on 26th September. Adrian Adams and Chris Griffiths started at Putney and cycled over 75 miles off road arriving in Brighton in the evening where they met family and friends for a well-earned rest (and cold beer!). The team had been in preparations for months cycling to work and comparing training regimes whilst raising over £750 for Cancer Research UK. The following weekend, Carillion's Richard Bowers tackled the London to Milton Keynes 60 mile bike ride to raise over £200 for NRAS. Well done guys! TOTAL RAISED: £1,000 Make a Donation
  • Four Engineers do a Skydive

    On Saturday 8th August four of Carillion’s engineers took to the sky to leap from a plane at 10,000 feet in a tandem skydive! Sam Vaughan, Gary Batting, James Lewis and Jerome Ifill raised £1550.98 for NRAS when they took part in this once in a lifetime experience falling at over 120mph! Well done to them all! Read more to watch the video of their jump! TOTAL RAISED: £1,551

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  • Colour Obstacle Rush Race

    Colour Obstacle Rush Race

    Carillion’s Rebecca Sullivan ran the Colour Obstacle Rush race at Dorney Lake on Saturday 6th June, raising funds for Cancer Research UK. Running the 5k course, Rebecca completed ten obstacles along the way including giant inflatable slides, foam pits and climbing nets all whilst being covered with coloured powder. Rebecca did a great job in raising £310 for the challenge. TOTAL RAISED: £310
  • Cake Bake Sale

    Cake Bake Sale

    In March Carillion hosted a Cake Bake Sale at our premises in Berkshire. With homemade cakes ranging from lemon drizzles, cupcakes, brownies and a legendary chocolate cake Carillion team members baked and ate their way to raising over £300 for NRAS. The event even made the local paper with a visit from charity representatives. TOTAL RAISED: £300