Global Witness

Global Witness

Global Witness sits outside what might be considered the usual customer organisation for an audio visual company.

The majority of Carillion Communications’ customers are commercial companies seeking to improve productivity, collaboration and  profitability or government and public sector organisations looking to improve processes.

Global Witness’s line of work is remarkable in its nature and scope. Since 1993, Global Witness has been exploring why regions exporting natural resources worth trillions of dollars are home to some of the poorest people, and has been campaigning to end the causes.

Global communication and activity development requires close collaboration and coordination between offices and among campaigners around the world. Clarity, an understanding of issues and decisiveness are critical to effective communication.

Carillion helped Global Witness with video conferencing to achieve both visual impact and accessibility.


“As an NGO that depends on donated funds, our budgets are challenging and we are always looking for the most cost-effective solution, so we turned to our go-to audio visual expert for advice.” - Dave Lipsey, IT Director, Global Witness

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