Danfoss UK head office refurbishment provided an opportunity to impress. Danfoss moved out of its main UK premises for four months while the building was completely refurbished. The upgrade provided the company with an opportunity to review its audio visual set-up. One of the key objectives for new AV technology was to impress, educate and help partners visiting the Danfoss office. The company also made a large commitment to dedicated meeting and training space.

New AV technology, new facility – what’s the feedback? Andrew Hambi, IT Manager at Danfoss UK for 17 years, says that the feedback on the combination of the refurbished facility and new AV technology has been extremely positive. “Our investment in AV technology was intended to satisfy several overlapping objectives, part customer education, part marketing, part staff morale and productivity.

The new equipment conveys the credibility of Danfoss and instils confidence in our partners. They particularly like the way they can explore products.”


"Wireless has big advantages for us; and the beauty of the new set-up is that people can present from any device...” - Andrew Hambi, IT Manager, Danfoss Group

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