CVC Capital Partners (CVC)

CVC Capital Partners (CVC)

CVC Capital Partners (CVC) is one of the world’s top five private equity and investment advisory firms. Founded in 1981, the CVC Group today employs 350 people throughout Europe, Asia and the US.

Clear communications with geographically dispersed staff and external partners are essential for investment analysis and building relationships, trust and forecasts.

CVC felt that its historical video conferencing (VC) environment was ‘not done properly’. There was an unacceptably high rate of failure on legacy equipment, which, coupled with a generally poor user experience, meant VC was used only on an ad hoc basis as users did not trust the systems.

The aim was to achieve something that worked all the time, that was easy to manage and user friendly. CVC appointed Carillion Communications as their VC partner to conduct on-site surveys at regional offices in order to specify system improvements.


“We promised an improvement on CVC’s historical poor experience with video conferencing. It’s gratifying to hear that the new systems are popular and have quickly provided communication advantages to hundreds of users around the world.” - David Ashley, Carillion Director

Carillion Communications