British Energy

British Energy

The UK’s only large pressurised water reactor (PWR) with 500 staff and supplying 3% of the UK’s electricity needs. British Energy asked Carillion as a preferred supplier to recommend solutions for its critical training needs.

Project Scope

The need to create simulated working environments and emergencies for close observation by the Training Team. A specific need for accurate recording and playback in order to provide rich and powerful inputs at de-briefings to isolate precise areas for change and improvement.

Training rooms and plant area to be equipped with Vista Powerdome telemetry controlled cameras with 2x4 centralised control.


Powerful zoom and control functionality allows the whole training environment to be recorded and assessed in minute detail, visually (e.g., trainee note taking) and audibly (trainee conversations), with real time guidance possible via a Biamp Networked Paging station. Heightened realism is made possible with the inclusion of a Roland Audio Sampler to introduce effects such as alarms. Improved training effectiveness locally (in situ) and in debriefing sessions has prompted British Energy to extend the facility to include new areas and increased functionality.



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