Brands2Life is a communications company with its UK HQ in London. The company is nearly twenty years old and works on multi-faceted communications campaigns for many leading brands.

Brands2Life were conscious of drains on productivity caused by room management inefficiency and selected components from the Pronestor range of solutions. 

Brands2Life elected to integrate Pronestor with its in-house Exchange set-up and work with calendars via Office 365.

According to Brands2Life, “One of the things that attracted us about Pronestor compared with competing solutions was that we had options, and we chose to integrate Pronestor with what we had in place. Other booking solutions were forcing us down the road of the supplier’s managed services, Cloud-based systems or plug-ins. There was no need to re-build, Pronestor really was just ‘plug n go’.”


"Carillion were very responsive, demoed during our review phase, and installed over a weekend, which was an impressive, super clean job." - Ivan Corbett, IT and Infrastructure Manager at Brands2Life

Carillion Communications