Carillion Communication’s relationship with Bouygues Construction began on a project for another company in the group, Structis UK, for whom Carillion installed a prestigious conference room with the latest technology, in London. 

The new Structis conference facility was considered a resounding success, and it was a natural extension to use Carillion for other Bouygues Construction projects, which began with a complete fit out of their new UK headquarters. 

Carillion’s consultative approach pays dividends. Carillion’s first impulse is to listen carefully to what the client has to say about their needs and expectations. The next stage involves a clear articulation of options and associated costs.

Bouygues said, “That was the good part … it made things very easy … having an expert to advise us.”


"We wanted simplicity, less inputs, less remotes, no cables" - Ryan Van Lelyveld - Projects and Mobilisation Team Leader

Carillion Communications