Principality Building Society

Principality Building Society

Principality is the 6th largest UK building society with 70 branches in Wales and the Borders, with 500,000 members.

The building society has more than 150 years of experience and takes care of more than £9 billion of assets.

We spoke to Barrie Dyer, Infrastructure Analyst at Principality, about the building society’s audio visual strategy and the paybacks the building society wanted to see on its investments in some of the latest technology. Barrie Dyer says the objective for Principality’s new audio visual equipment is to attract customers to the building society as their aim is to become the most recommended building society in Wales.

“New AV systems help us to get the brand name seen more. We have installations at Head Office and we have also tested systems in branches to evaluate how they improve our performance as a High Street player.”


"New AV systems help us to get the brand name seen more" - Barrie Dyer - Infrastructure Analyst

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