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Brian Bickerstaffe, David Ashley and Dee Reed value individual talent and the collective strength of the Carillion team. "We hire for attitude", says Brian. "A genuine smile is impossible to fake for long in our pressured environment. We are pleased that clients recognise the value of our staff continuity."

  • Aaron Griffths

    Aaron Griffths

    Installation Engineer
  • Andrew McKeever

    Andrew McKeever

    Internal Sales Support
  • Adrian Adams

    Adrian Adams

    Technical Sales Consultant
  • Adrian Nesbitt

    Adrian Nesbitt

    Technical Sales Consultant
  • Alberto Cassagrande

    Alberto Cassagrande

    Sales Support
  • Andy Detheridge

    Andy Detheridge

    Operations Manager
  • Anthony Bradley

    Anthony Bradley

    Sales Support
  • Barrie Guy

    Barrie Guy

    MS Business Development Manager
  • Beata Kalinowska

    Beata Kalinowska

  • Brenda Cruse

    Brenda Cruse

    Sales Support
  • Brian Bickerstaffe

    Brian Bickerstaffe

    Executive Chairman
  • Caitlyn Spracklen

    Caitlyn Spracklen

    Resource Trainee
  • Chris Griffiths

    Chris Griffiths

    Senior Technical Sales Consultant
  • Dan Pond

    Dan Pond

    AV Engineer
  • David Ashley

    David Ashley

  • Debbie Robertson

    Debbie Robertson

    Sales Support Team Leader
  • Denise Grimmett

    Denise Grimmett

    Resource Planning
  • Dee Reed

    Dee Reed

    Managing Director
  • Elaine Harper

    Elaine Harper

    Finance Manager
  • Gareth Evans

    Gareth Evans

    Engineering Team Leader
  • Jack Gordon-Smith

    Jack Gordon-Smith

    Trainee AV Engineer
  • James Lewis

    James Lewis

    Service Engineer
  • Jamie Rodgers

    Jamie Rodgers

    AV Engineer
  • Jerome Ifill

    Jerome Ifill

    System Programmer
  • John Tipling

    John Tipling

    Sales Manager North
  • Matt Williams

    Matt Williams

    Technical Sales Consultant
  • Matthew Livingstone

    Matthew Livingstone

    AV Engineer
  • Martin Higham

    Martin Higham

    Technical Sales Consultant
  • Max Hill

    Max Hill

    Project Manager
  • Rebecca Sullivan

    Rebecca Sullivan

    Accounts Trainee
  • Richard Bowers

    Richard Bowers

    Technical Sales Consultant
  • Robert Bojanowski

    Robert Bojanowski

    Senior AV Engineer
  • Ross Warwick

    Ross Warwick

  • Ryan Bedwell

    Ryan Bedwell

    Warehouse Operative
  • Rhys Robson

    Rhys Robson

    Installation Engineer
  • Sean Langley

    Sean Langley

    Technical Solutions Manager
  • Tom Minter

    Tom Minter

    Sales Ledger
  • Tracey Warda

    Tracey Warda

    Purchase Ledger
  • Vince Bye

    Vince Bye

    Technical Design