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Already an affirmed devotee of Microsoft Teams? Now, you can order the Studio X30 and X50 with native Teams already running right out of the box.

And, if you’ve already purchased and/or deployed the Studio X and would like to run the native Teams app, simply install the Poly Video OS Software 3.1.1 update and select Teams as your preferred collaboration platform.

Powerful and simple Poly Studio X30 and Poly Studio X50

Studio x

The Poly Studio X50, the larger of the two new solutions, boasts even greater pickup range and high-quality speakers to suit the needs of mid-size conference rooms.

Studio x

In addition to the new Poly MeetingAI features, the Poly Studio X50 supports dual screens for Zoom Rooms, greatly expanding the capabilities to support the needs of larger conference rooms. It also supports 4K UHD video, 5x zoom, wireless content sharing, audio input/output and a room-thundering stereo speaker system.

Flexible installation means both Poly Studio X models can sit, stand or be mounted wherever desired, with downward facing connection ports making this flexibility possible. To make it even easier to install and use, Poly also announced the new Poly TC8 touch controller that offers a native Zoom Rooms interface, high-performance, and a single power-over-ethernet cable so there is no need to stretch cables or cords across tables to connect to the video bar.

Studio x

The Poly Studio X30, ideal for small offices or huddle rooms, supports 4K UHD video and built-in wireless content sharing capabilities, all in a compact design.

The Poly Studio X30 supports the full range of Poly MeetingAI capabilities, so it packs a boardroom experience into a small box. Seamless content collaboration is enabled wirelessly. The video bar’s premium audio engineering offers plenty of pickup power.



Now more than ever, the fewer times throughout the day that you can touch shared devices and high-traffic areas, the better. With the new Proximity Join feature, you can simply walk into any available meeting space and join a meeting from your personal device via the Microsoft Teams app.


Joining meetings has never been simpler, now you can walk into the scheduled meeting room and with a simple touch of the Teams button on the TC8 you’re in the meeting.


Have something to share during your meeting? Now you can easily share content from your phone or laptop via the Teams app.

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Familiarizing yourself with different meeting technology is not only frustrating, but it can also cause meeting delays and waste people’s time. A native Microsoft Teams experience means that users can expect a familiar user interface while meeting from their home office, desk, or huddle spaces.


Poly has an unparalleled track record of driving innovation and prioritizing quality in the video conferencing space. The Studio X continues in this spirit, featuring Poly’s advanced MeetingAI which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to combat the common distractions that derail your meetings.


Keep distracting noise and outside conversations from disrupting your meeting with Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence. Common noises such as typing, tapping, paper sliding, and candy wrapper crinkling are all kept out so you can hear the speaker clearly. Additionally, the Studio X’s beamforming microphone array delivers crisp, clear voice pickup so you can be confident you’re being heard, no matter where you sit in the room.


Poly MeetingAI makes far-end participants feel like they’re in the room with our built-in production rules that intelligently track the speaker – thereby keeping visual focus on who’s talking. Expanding on speaker tracking and group framing functionality, the smooth tracking feature subtly shifts the camera’s focus to frame a different speaker when the distance between the two speakers is small, instead of a sudden cut.


Now more than ever, IT and Facilities Managers need actionable insights to inform big-dollar decisions about how to equip and manage their workspaces. Poly Lens provides a clear line of sight into device health trends to ensure maximum uptime. Additionally, no matter where your endpoints are deployed, Poly Lens enables IT to inventory and ensure all devices are up to date with the latest software. Together, empowering businesses to maximize their investments and seamless roll outs.


No matter how or where you work, Poly has a solution to meet your every collaboration need across and outside your organization. As a certified Microsoft partner, Poly offers Microsoft Teams device solutions for Teams Rooms, video conferencing, phones/speakerphones, headsets, and professional services. With a Microsoft Teams Certified device, users experience the very best of Teams including, highquality audio calls, video conferencing, calendar integration, file sharing, and more.

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