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People have learned to work remotely using whatever means they can. Indications are that many people will continue to work from home, at least some of the time, when the commercial world fully reopens. Staff are asking employers for the right tools to be as productive as possible when working remotely, and, they cite tools for closer collaboration as a priority.

Carillion Communications invites you to consider how you can embed great communications in your operations to accommodate dispersed teams, and help them to collaborate using equipment and technology that are designed for the purpose. It’s time to upgrade patchwork technology to achieve fast, secure, resilient and collaborative operations that keep your organisation agile and productive.

Are you working from home or back in the office? Maybe you’re blending the two? It’s common for lots of businesses right now. But with your employees spread around different workspaces and a need to follow social distancing regulations, it might seem like there’ll be more to manage than ever.

workspace solutions with Poly and Carillion

workspace solutions with Poly and Carillion

You might be considering devices for blended working and the way that you manage those devices. What headset will work best to lose those noisy distractions? Should you go wired or wireless? Or what kind of camera will enhance presentations in a board room or help people to collaborate in a huddle room?

Wherever you’re working, you and your employees will need the tools to work together effectively. Carillion’s Poly solutions help create productive, connected spaces – from conference rooms to kitchen tables. We’ll make it simpler for you.


We can help with remote work issues

Is video clarity or connecting an issue? Is audio crystal clear? Is there too much background noise?

Here are just a few of the solutions that will make people feel and work better.


A USB video bar that brings teams face to face, wherever they are.

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workspace solutions with Poly and Carillion


Bluetooth stereo headsets that let employees focus on work or frees them to move around without interrupting a call.

workspace solutions with Poly and Carillion


From a small USB camera for easy use at the office, at the kitchen table, or on the move, to an HD camera with intelligent group framing and crystal-clear audio

workspace solutions with Poly and Carillion

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‘Ready to reconnect?’

In it, you’ll find what the new workspace looks like in numbers and how to get the best out of your employees, wherever they are.

workspace solutions with Poly and Carillion


workspace solutions with Poly and Carillion

Want to find out more about Carillion’s Poly solutions?

Explore our e-guide, to find out how Poly solutions can help make the space work for your employees. Whether working from home or back in the office, our collaborative tools will help them stay connected, safe, and productive.



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