Back to the office
Ready, steady, slow!

Poly employees have had the ability to work from home for the past 10 years, which made the transition driven by Covid-19 no sudden rush

Are we alone in this? Apparently not.

In our internal survey over 50% of participants said that in the move to home, their service levels hadn’t missed a beat. Only a small minority (7%) said they still had some work to do. This is an incredibly good reflection on the call centre industry and our ability to maintain a high level of service across the biggest disruption organisations have seen.

An exec’s view from the bridge
An exec’s view from the bridge

Keep your employees engaged

When it comes to managing remote teams consider the emotional impact of home working on your teams.

First of all, over communicate. This means increasing the type and amount of team meetings (and be sure to have one on ones to ensure people can speak without their coworker’s present). As a leader, you may need to adjust your management style to reflect a distributed and remote workforce. These actions will ensure you prevent employee burnout or disengagement – this is essential to ensure those great employees are able to keep delivering the high level of service that keeps your customers loyal.

Executive Home Office

Poly Elara 60 mobile phone station with Voyager Focus UC and Poly Studio video bar provide an executive quality audio and video collaboration solution for the home office.

An exec’s view from the bridge

Is working from home the new normal?

As our poll at the start revealed, most call centres moved home without skipping a beat… so, does this mean working from home is the new normal?

Whilst it has many benefits, it can’t be the norm for everyone – many employees do not have an ergonomic space at home, there may be roles that need to be done in the office, and employees may want the social aspect of being around other people. This is reflected in a second poll that showed approximately 33% of attendees were considering returning most of their employees to the office. The most common approach from attendees was planning for the return of approximately half of their employees. The experts at Poly talked through our employee-based approach for a return to the office. Through surveys, we have identified who needs to be in the office, and which offices can support distancing and cleaning. By bringing these together we can prioritise a safe return for employees.

Designed for life
on the road
Revolutionary conference phones


Many employees are heading back to the office, which means giving people flexibility and freedom in how, when and where they work.


It’s about creating environments that foster productivity, collaboration, innovation and safety. Poly end-to-end solutions elevate the experience of Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any other meeting service and enable organizations to adapt their infrastructure to changing work styles and technologies. All these solutions can be managed centrally to maximize your investments, while easing management and support. Poly is changing the way businesses think about location, technology and human connections.


Empower and look after your employees

Make any plans central to their health and wellbeing. These employees can now work anywhere, so their retention is essential for you to continue delivering great service.

Make the most of your cloud systems by increasing the type and amount of team meetings, and employee communications. And, ensure your employees deliver great audio across all these systems.

Make video a part of your daily communication with teams, so they feel better connected to their colleagues.

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