Create the right brand impression and/or a functional AV masterpiece

Create the right brand impression and/or a functional AV masterpiece

Implementing an AV system on any scale is an important matter for any business.

Relying solely on your in-house resources can lead to hardware and software comparisons that result in omissions and oversights.

Carillion provides you with a consultative approach and a first-phase that involves an audit of your current infrastructure and installations. From there, we will provide you with a detailed range of options to realise your business goals and optimise budgets. 

Carillion Communications is a leading audio-visual technology specialist with more than 25 years’ experience. Our experienced, highly-qualified design engineers will take into consideration your current project requirements and plan for your future AV technology objectives as well. 

We take as much time as is needed to understand our client’s business and aesthetic requirements in order to create outstanding AV technology solutions with true impact and a long lifespan.

Customised AV technology solutions
Carillion designers and engineers enjoy long-standing relationships with major equipment manufacturers, which means we can tailor a solution that ticks all the boxes for you; including solution design, aesthetics, functionality and return on investment.

Expert advice on how technology supports business needs
Our team is renowned as much for its honesty as it is for its knowledge and expertise. Our case studies consistently reflect how our customers’ trust is repaid in successful, hassle-free projects. System users and visitors to buildings featuring Carillion installations are suitably impressed! 

True partnership
We work with you closely throughout the project, from scope and installation to handover, training and technical support.

Manufacturers are releasing new products faster than ever before. There’s a natural concern that if we upgrade technology today it could be obsolete in the near future. We’ve all seen display screen, camera and control technologies advance rapidly in the last decade.

However, now is the perfect time to invest in upgrades as the latest AV technology, as a rule, works with your current systems and infrastructure, and is designed to be scalable and future proof.

Today’s AV advances

Displays have become sharper and easier to maintain as standalone items and as part of video walls. Speakers are smaller and more efficient. Microphones are discrete, omni-directional and noise cancelling. Soundbars can enhance the audio of whatever is being viewed. Video conferencing only requires one-click to start a multi-attendee virtual meeting. Plus, there needn’t be a cable in sight!

Control has never been easier

An historical issue with audio-visual devices was that they were complicated to use and required support staff to set-up and operate them. Today’s AV devices are demonstrably simple to use and require minimal or no training to get maximum benefits and enjoyment from using them. 

Control extends to content control with devices that enable presenters to switch seamlessly between presentations. Control also extends to room control; a single unit can be deployed to control doors, windows, lighting, sound and other environmental factors.

Now is an excellent time upgrade your AV systems

Dramatic improvements in technology, steep reductions in price, and overall improvements in ease-of-use make now perfect time to upgrade.  

Work with an AV expert; don’t leave anything to chance

Carillion Communications is a leading audio-visual technology specialist with more than 25 years’ experience. Our experienced engineers will audit your current systems, take time to understand your business goals, and provide details about upgrade options that suit your infrastructure, objectives and budgets.


Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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