Bank of America

Bank of America

Carillion Communications has lengthy experience working with banks on global communications and video conferencing. Carillion worked with Bank of America on audio visual presentation systems to improve impact and flexibility of display information for better staff and customer experience.

Bank of America’s marketers wanted the ability to be more creative, import video, show higher resolution imagery, schedule events and have different screens showing different content at different times.

The in-house Audio Visual & Multimedia Services Team wanted to give their mission critical system a major overhaul that would stand the test of time.

As one Bank of America preferred Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Systems Integrators, Carillion was commissioned to design and build a state-of-the-art corporate signage system using products from dZine.



"Carillion had the vision, expertise and experience to deliver a very flexible cost effective system which meets our digital media needs now and well into the future.“ - Matthew Tunstall, Vice President for Audio Visual & Multi Media Services EMEA

Carillion Communications