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“I have never known Clickshare not to be able to connect with a device. That’s why it is so popular.” Tata Technologies

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Wireless presenting technology case studies

Here you will find 'real world' case reference examples of how organisations using the Barco ClickShare wireless system have increased meetings productivity, reduced demands on IT and tech support, and thrilled staff and customers with the most intuitive and reliable presentation solution on the market. 


Carillion Communications first puts effort into understanding customer needs and AV objectives, before recommending the best technology for their environment and users. The Chartered Institute of Marketing and The European Weather Centre (ECMWF) are just two of the organisations whose ClickShare users raved about the simplicity and reliability of this so-simple-to-use wireless presentation solution.

Carillion installed Barco Clickshare at CIM Moor Hall to enable presenters and delegates to switch between, or display simultaneously, up to four presentations from any iOS or Android device.

Chartered Institute of Marketing »

Carillion installed ClickShare at ECMWF so multiple presenters can connect wirelessly to HD screens. ClickShare ended cable clutter and interruptions caused by presenter changes

European Weather Centre (ECMWF) »

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