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Waste Management

Carillion Communications works with some of the leaders in the UK waste management market, including Grundon Waste and Viridor Waste Management.

The waste management sector faces pressures to generate energy and reduce emissions. In turn, companies involved in waste management, are expected to inform local communities and the market in general about their activities.

Carillion helped Grundon and Viridor with their communications and publicity strategy in a prestigious visitor centre constructed on a lake near a waste management plant.

The building was designed to complement the local beauty spot which had a mature eco system. Inside the building, Carillion met the challenge of the building’s circular design which meant there were no flat mounting surfaces. Aesthetics play a key part in the visitor experience which includes discreet audio installation, ceiling suspended plasmas, colour matching and wireless touch panels.

Fine details reinforce the power of the facility’s educational message and the two companies’ commitment to excellence, for example, a Carillion purpose-built lectern with preview screen, PC input and touch screen control.

Beyond the highest quality in video and audio output, the facility’s success derives from its easy adaptability to accommodate a vast range of meeting sizes and types.

Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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