Pre-configured Microsoft Teams Rooms from Carillion Communications

Carillion Communications can help you to transform your meeting spaces with a collaborative Microsoft Teams experience that's simple to install, use and manage. With Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) you can start meetings with one-touch or using voice commands, and share instantly with remote participants.

Bring video conferences to life in small, medium and large spaces

Microsoft-based meeting rooms are designed specifically for your workspace. Carillion works with all leading hardware manufacturers and will ensure that certified devices deliver high-quality voice and video.

Experience: Create a consistent user experience in all your spaces, small or large.

Freedom: Enjoy the flexibility to connect from any location, in the office, remote or on the move, and enjoy the same vibrant, collaborative experience.

Transform: Transform any space into a productive communications hub by choosing from a range of setup options.

Quick start options: Carillion Communications offers a great range of pre-packed room suites that are pre-configured to enable you to kick-start your Teams experience.

Budget friendly: Off-the-shelf space configuration options enable you to achieve great conferencing and content sharing cost-effectively.

Flexibility: Use any platform (incl. Zoom and Webex) in your new spaces.

Working with Carillion Communications

Carillion is a leading audio-visual company with more than twenty-five years’ experience helping organisations to communicate and collaborate. Carillion is a Microsoft Authorized Service provider and is also a Surface Hub specialist. We’ll ensure you get your Microsoft Teams Rooms running quickly and totally reliably.

Small meeting space

Turn small spaces into powerful MTR communication hubs with rich sound and vision

Medium sized spaces

Optimise medium-sized spaces with MTR collaboration

Large spaces

Give large spaces town hall capability with high quality MTR communication tools

Selected Partners

Microphone array
The microphone in any room system is the single most important element as voice and audio are the core of all calls. Carillion will ensure you achieve the best results from the mic pickup, ceiling, or table microphones, integrated into a device or standalone.

Camera selection
A Camera is a critical element in any meeting space as it is the component that enhances visual collaboration. Carillion will help you achieve best results by balancing element such as lighting, focus type, pan tilt and zoom (PTZ) and auto tracking capabilities.

Field of view
The Field of View (FOV) determines how much of a room you will see from the camera. Carillion will ensure your MTR provides conference participants with maximum engagement.
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