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Cloud conferencing is today’s smart way to communicate. Cloud conferencing is immediate and personal, from huddle spaces to large conferences.

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StarLeaf and Carillion are both leaders in communication technology solutions

StarLeaf: the best connectivity for communicating

Innovation and openness are at the heart of the StarLeaf philosophy. StarLeaf set out to offer the best, most flexible Cloud conferencing services at the best fixed prices available.


Today, thousands of StarLeaf users worldwide enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of conferencing and communication solutions that allow people to connect from any device.


StarLeaf users can connect simply and select message, video, audio, in physical meetings or virtual meetings, and share content, diaries and invites. 



The Carillion difference: expertise and quality AV solutions

Carillion Communications designs and installs conference facilities and meeting rooms for organisations throughout the UK and around the world. Carillion works with partners who promote technology that helps people to be more productive, as with StarLeaf Cloud conferencing solutions, which are open and flexible.


Try using StarLeaf on the Surface Hub

Carillion won the Microsoft European Surface Hub sales award in 2017. Ask for a demonstration of StarLeaf using Skype for Business and Teams on the Surface Hub.

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